$450,000.00 – Settlement

$450,000.00 – Settlement Debilitating hand injury to emergency room nurse who was struck by a drunk driver. Claim was brought against a concert venue operator where the individual claimed he had been negligently overserved.

$495,000.00 – Settlement

$495,000.00 – Settlement Town landfill operator suffers facial lacerations when struck by materials from trailer making a delivery. The claim was against the loader of the trailer for improperly loading the trailer, failing to guard against shifting of the load and improperly securing the contents of the load.

$425,000.00 – Pretrial Settlement

$425,000.00 – Pretrial Settlement Employee assaulted while exiting his vehicle in parking lot at place of employment resulting in facial and head trauma. Claim was based on allegations of negligent security in parking lot and inadequate security system.

$595,000.00 – Pretrial Settlement

$595,000.00 – Pretrial Settlement Construction site injury when ironworker falls from steel suffering lumbar fractures. Claim was based on general contractor’s failure to enforce OSHA fall protection rules.

$750,000.00 – Disability Claim

$750,000.00 – Disability Claim Litigated disability policy claim for professional athlete who suffered career-ending injury. The full face value of the policy had to be total and solely caused by a policy year injury with no congenital or pre-existing contributing condition.

$950,000.00 – Award

$950,000.00 – Award Pedestrian knockdown by vehicle resulting in mild traumatic brain injury. Claim was brought against operator’s commercial liability policy alleging that operator was operating within the scope of the policy’s covered business.

$2,100,000.00 – Pre-Trial Settlement

$2,100,000.00 – Pre-Trial Settlement Head trauma with resulting closed head injury to a college hockey player when his head struck an improperly padded stanchion. Allegations of negligent maintenance against the rink owner; allegations of violations of NCAA regulations against college/university – hosting the NCAA sanctioned athletic event; product liability claims of defective padding and breach … Read more