Firm Overview

Litigating and resolving complex legal issues requires a lawyer who possesses the skill and experience to fully command the situation and successfully navigate the difficulties presented.

At Giarrusso Norton Cooley & McGlone, P.C., we have remained at the forefront of such representation since our firm was established in 1993. We take on issues of life-altering personal injury, environmental litigation, business litigation, criminal law and domestic relations with confidence, applying the principles upon which we built our successful practice:

A shared commitment to client concerns

A talent for litigating

A track record of success

A network of valuable legal resources

A dedication to personal attention

We share a commitment to the integrity of our profession and understand how integrity best serves our clients. Our selective caseload enables us to provide close attention to detail in every case and to take many such cases on a contingency fee basis in a large number of cases (personal injury, environmental litigation and business litigation). We are undaunted in our determination to obtain results for our clients.