$2,400,000.00 – Settlement

$2,400,000.00 – Settlement Roofer suffers multiple trauma, including traumatic brain injury after fall through skylight. Claim was brought against general contractor for failing to guard skylight and other roof openings.

$350,000.00 – Pretrial Settlement

$350,000.00 – Pretrial Settlement Nuclear power plant employee was struck on the head and shoulder from falling wrench from scaffolding during plant shutdown for maintenance. Allegation was construction manager should have required employee’s company to use retractable tool tether. Employee suffered chronic shoulder pain.

Amount Withheld – Settlement

Amount Withheld – Settlement Boston police officer suffers fractured arm while attempting to prevent a suspect from fleeing in his rental car. The officer developed chronic regional pain syndrome in his arm following surgery.

$850,000.00 – Settlement

$850,000.00 – Settlement Slip and fall on wet paint at store. Allegations of failing to cordon off the painted area. The employee suffered serious ankle fracture with resulting medical complications.

$300,000.00 – Trial with Settlement before Verdict

$300,000.00 – Trial with Settlement before Verdict Traffic officer struck by backing vehicle on a construction site. Allegations of defective traffic plan and lack of a back up alarm. Officer suffered a fractured leg.

Amount Withheld – Settlement

Amount Withheld – Settlement Firefighter falls through unguarded opening of a residential home under construction. Claims were brought against the general contractor alleging negligent disposal of oily rags resulting in ignition by spontaneous combustion.

$600,000.00 – Settlement

$600,000.00 – Settlement Ironworker suffered multiple fractures when prefabricated concrete slabs were defectively designed and manufactured resulting in improper installation.

$190,000.00 – Settlement

$190,000.00 – Settlement Claim for operating room nurse who suffered shoulder injury when an intravenous poll began to roll away from patient due to floor defect. Nurse prevented the pole from rolling away and disconnecting the patient’s medications but injured her shoulder in the process. Claims were brought against the architect and contractor of the … Read more

$200,000.00 – Settlement

$200,000.00 – Settlement Product liability claim against helmet manufacturer when lacrosse player suffered a broken jaw from shot during claim. Allegations of defense design of the neck and jaw guard.