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Study shows lack of communication worsens medical errors

Massachusetts residents may be unaware of the degree to which medical professionals say they observe their colleagues and superiors making errors. According to a study in 2005 conducted by The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses and VitalSmarts, over half of the 1,700 nurses, administrators, doctors and clinical-care staff surveyed observed behaviors in their colleagues that included breaking rules, making mistakes and failing to support others. Furthermore, more than 8 out of 10 doctors said they had seen colleagues taking dangerous shortcuts in patient care and 88 percent described colleagues as having poor clinical judgment.

Most burn injuries result from boiling liquids

According to an annual report released by the Massachusetts Fire Marshal in 2014, boiling liquids were the cause of nearly half of all burn injuries in the state in 2013. This is nothing new, as scalding liquids have been reported as the leading cause of all burns for the past 28 years in a row.

Burn victims face challenges on road to recovery

Massachusetts residents who suffer burns on their bodies have a full plate to deal with when it comes to recovery and recuperation. When a victim has difficulty adjusting to their new appearance and experiences anxiety, this is called body image distress.

How to handle possible medical malpractice

Many people in Massachusetts get regular checkups with their primary care doctors, trusting that they can give them the most accurate diagnosis possible. Still, as much faith as most people have in their physicians, doctors do make mistakes.

Researchers use autopsies to identify diagnosis errors

Massachusetts residents may be aware that the misdiagnosis of diseases and other afflictions is a persistent issue in the health care industry. According to researchers who studied diagnosis errors in 2009, the following afflictions are misdiagnosed more often than any other affliction, as reported by physicians themselves: pulmonary embolism, drug overdose or reaction, lung cancer, colorectal cancer and acute coronary syndrome. However, autopsies have been identified as a more effective means for eliciting misdiagnosis data, authorities state.

Traumatic brain injuries have damaging effects

Massachusetts residents may have heard recent discussions in the media about traumatic brain injuries caused by sports. Traumatic brain injuries, however, are more common than many people think. TBI is caused by a blow or impact to the head, and it results in the brain's function being interrupted. Young children, adolescents and older people are the most likely groups to experience a TBI. This type of injury can be mild or severe. In some cases, a TBI may cause a person to become unconscious and also can cause death. Sometimes a person with TBI can display more subtle symptoms, such as cognitive impairments, behavioral issues, and changes in mood.

Man suffers burn injuries in Massachusetts chemical plant fire

A worker who was mixing compounds at a chemical plant in Lynn suffered burn injuries in an explosion and flash fire that forced the evacuation of the building. Local firefighters responded to reports of a fire at the plant that makes polymers and finishing compounds, and they said that the automatic sprinkler system in the building extinguished the fire.

Complications more likely during emergency surgeries

Findings from a new study indicate that people who undergo emergency gallbladder surgery are more likely to experience complications than those whose surgeries had been planned. Other factors that increase complications include age and gender. Additionally, those who had surgeries after 7pm found themselves at a much greater risk. No one knows why such patients face more uncertainty; however, doctors might find themselves open to a greater likelihood of facing medical malpractice suits.

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