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Recognizing the delayed onset of a TBI

Several of the Norfolk County residents who come to us here at Giarrusso Norton Cooley and McGlone, P.C. seeking compensation for loved ones who have suffered traumatic brain injuries were surprised at how long it took those injuries to manifest themselves. If you have a family member that has suffered head trauma yet appears to be OK immediately following his or her accident, you may mistakenly believe that he or she dodged a bullet. However, the absence of any signs to symptoms of a TBI immediately after sustaining trauma does not mean that one is not lurking beneath the surface.

Understanding post-concussion syndrome

We at Giarrusso Norton Cooley and McGlone, P.C. often hear from Quincy clients who have suffered head trauma in an accident that they were lucky to escape with just a concussion. If you count yourself among this group, then you may have been told by someone that a concussion is only a mild injury that rarely produces dangerous results. However, while concussions many not produce to same sort of immediate impairment often associated with severe traumatic brain injuries, their effects can linger over time and produce what is known as post-concussion syndrome.

Supporting those who are struggling with a brain injury

Each day, people suffer a brain injury that will permanently alter the course of their life. Sadly, some of these injuries are the result of negligent behavior and never should have happened in the first place. In Quincy, Massachusetts, and throughout the country, those who have suffered brain trauma should immediately and carefully assess their situation. At Giarrusso, Norton, Cooley & McGlone, P.C., we work hard to support victims of a brain injury that was caused by negligence and help them move forward.

How many traumatic brain injuries occur per year?

From auto accidents to ladder falls on a contrusction site and physical assault, there are many reasons why Americans suffer traumatic brain injuries. In Quincy, Massachusetts, and across the U.S., an alarming number of people suffer a TBI and the consequences can be devastating. In some cases, brain damage results in the need for long-term care, while other people are able to recover from brain trauma through therapy. However, when someone suffers a head injury or brain damage because of another person's negligence, they need to closely evaluate all of their options, even if they do not notice any symptoms right away. In some cases, taking legal action to secure compensation for brain damage, suffering and medical expenses is necessary.

How are brain injuries treated?

When you or someone you love suffers a brain injury of any kind, it is important to seek medical attention from a trusted Massachusetts facility. A brain injury can result in serious issues that can last a lifetime, especially if left untreated.

Music used to help Massachusetts brain injury patients recover

When people in Quincy suffer a serious brain injury, there is often little that doctors can do to treat them. Generally, they can only monitor patients and take steps to prevent more damage from occurring to functioning systems. Once patients are stabilized, the next step is to put them into rehabilitation and treatment that focuses on helping them recover from the injury. This may involve a variety of methods such as physical therapy, speech therapy and now, music therapy.

How do traumatic brain injuries occur?

Brain injuries can often leave friends and family of victims in Massachusetts with a number of questions. How did this happen? What will happen to our loved one? If you know someone with a traumatic brain injury, it is important to understand what may have caused it and how you can help the victim recover.

What symptoms indicate a concussion, and how is it treated?

Concussions are a form of traumatic brain injury that results from the head being hit with an object or being jolted, causing the brain to move in the skull. While some doctors describe concussions as mild brain injuries, Massachusetts patients need to understand the serious effects that such injuries could have.

Massachusetts teen charged in violent crash seeks trial

On Nov. 14, a 19-year-old West Roxbury man charged in connection with a September 2013 crash withdrew a plea to sufficient facts for negligent operation of a motor vehicle. He will instead now go to jury trial to resolve the criminal charge. To plea to sufficient facts for an offense is to accept a guilty finding without in reality entering a guilty plea.

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