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What are the tax implications of wrongful death rewards?

After having lost a loved one to an accident in Quincy, your first course of action is likely to be to grieve. After that may come the decision to pursue compensation for your loss through a wrongful death lawsuit. If and when you are rewarded a settlement from such action, your thoughts may then turn to discovering the tax implications of whatever settlement money that you may have coming in. Problems in dealing with a legal reward can easily add unnecessary stress to your life rather than helping to relieve the financial burden that your loved one left you with.

Defining loss of consortium

When people die in Quincy, the impact of their death is often felt far beyond their mere absence. In many cases, one may have been looked to as a provider for a spouse and/or children. The potential compensation available through a wrongful death lawsuit (if negligence is believed to have contributed to one’s death) is meant to help lessen the impact of that loss. In the case of the deceased’s financial contribution to his or her dependents, that number may be easily quantifiable. However, how does one determine the costs of compensating for the emotional void a person leaves behind?

Speeding on city streets a danger to pedestrians

Urban areas accommodate all manner of traffic, from commercial vehicles to kids walking to school.  When you are walking on the busy streets of Quincy, Massachusetts, it is important to be aware of mixed traffic conditions. Our staff at Giarrusso Norton Cooley & McGlone PC is aware, however, that even the most savvy pedestrians can be vulnerable to speeding cars and trucks. When you are on foot, drivers who exceed urban speed limits put you in danger of being involved in an accident.

Driver negligence often responsible for bike accidents

Sharing the road leaves many Massachusetts cyclists vulnerable to injury from distracted or otherwise irresponsible motorists. At Giarrusso Norton Cooley & McGlone PC, we know that accidents occur when drivers ignore the rules of the road and fail to give you the appropriate right of way.

Assisting those whose loved one died in a workplace accident

Every year, Americans across the country go to work and commit themselves to their job. Unfortunately, some of them lose their lives in tragic accidents that never should have taken place. At Giarrusso Norton Cooley & McGlone, P.C., we take wrongful deaths in the workplace very seriously and fight for the rights of those whose loved one passed away in a fatal workplace accident. In Quincy, and throughout the state of Massachusetts, families who are going through this firsthand need to take a stand for their loved one who passed away too soon and ensure that those responsible for their death are held accountable.

Manslaughter charges upheld in fatal Massachusetts accident

A 17-year-old Massachusetts student was killed in a Nov. 10, 2013, accident on Interstate 91. At the time of the accident, the student was driving his Jeep when he came across an accident involving a pickup truck that had spilled furniture on the road. The pickup truck was driven by a 32-year-old with the 43-year-old driver and three family members as passengers. The truck was loaded with furniture, and the tailgate was left down and open while driving.

Types of wrongful death cases and potential compensation

Wrongful death is the death of an individual resulting from the negligent, wonton, willful or reckless actions of others. There are many types of situations in which Massachusetts families could file wrongful death lawsuits to seek compensation for the damages that the deaths of their loved ones have caused them. From work-related accidents and medical errors to traffic collisions and watercraft incidents, the victims could suffer fatal and catastrophic injuries because other people were reckless or negligent. Some wrongful death cases involve airplane crashes, drownings, electrocutions, gas explosions, and excessive exposure to chemicals or toxic substances.

How physician-patient privilege affects wrongful death cases

Every state, including Massachusetts, has a doctor-patient privilege statute. These laws exist to maintain the dignity and privacy of the patient from revelations that do not necessarily need to be public knowledge. However, when a patient dies, there is no consensus as to whether the doctor-patient privilege continues to exist. Many people hold that such privilege should remain to honor the wishes of the deceased, while others say the privilege restrains physicians from defending themselves against litigation.

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