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Preventable medical errors on the decline in America

Massachusetts residents may not be aware of the recent federal review that found a 17 percent decline in preventable errors such as medicine mistakes, infections and bed sores. The study accounted for the 2010 to 2013 period and estimated that utilizing methods provided by health care quality experts has contributed to 50,000 fewer deaths in hospitals. The decline also accounts for health care costs savings of around $12 billion.

How to handle possible medical malpractice

Many people in Massachusetts get regular checkups with their primary care doctors, trusting that they can give them the most accurate diagnosis possible. Still, as much faith as most people have in their physicians, doctors do make mistakes.

Medical misdiagnoses and failed treatments

Massachusetts individuals who feel they or their loved ones have suffered from a medical misdiagnosis may wish to file a lawsuit against the medical professional who misdiagnosed them. However, several criteria must be met for a successful suit.

Researchers use autopsies to identify diagnosis errors

Massachusetts residents may be aware that the misdiagnosis of diseases and other afflictions is a persistent issue in the health care industry. According to researchers who studied diagnosis errors in 2009, the following afflictions are misdiagnosed more often than any other affliction, as reported by physicians themselves: pulmonary embolism, drug overdose or reaction, lung cancer, colorectal cancer and acute coronary syndrome. However, autopsies have been identified as a more effective means for eliciting misdiagnosis data, authorities state.

Tick bite leads to 10-month medical battle

A Massachusetts man traveled to Spain for a conference, where he was apparently bitten by a tick. The tick bite infected him with Lyme disease indicated by the initial mark of a bull's-eye rash on his ankle. Other symptoms, such as fever, cough and headaches causing anxiety, soon followed.

$16.7 million awarded for misdiagnosis in cancer lawsuit

A medical malpractice lawsuit against a Massachusetts hospital resulted in an award of $16.7 million. The suit involved a Boston woman whose lung cancer was misdiagnosed as an upper respiratory infection, ultimately resulting in her death.

Medical malpractice warnings unheeded by cardiac stent doctor?

As many medical professionals in Massachusetts know, cardiac stents are devices made of metallic mesh used to prop open blood vessels that have become clogged. In acute cases following heart attacks, they are indisputably helpful to patients, but their use may constitute medical malpractice in roughly half of the 7 million implanted every year. Critics say that doctors and hospitals make so much money from the $11 billion per year stent industry that caution is thrown to the wind in the pursuit of profit.

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