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The long-term effects of burn injuries

Suffering a burn injury often means much more than simply experiencing pain. At Giarrusso North Cooley & McGlone, P.C., we have seen how people’s lives can be completely upended following a fire or other incident. When filing a lawsuit, we know how important it is to demonstrate how deeply a burn can affect the victim.

Study shows lack of communication worsens medical errors

Massachusetts residents may be unaware of the degree to which medical professionals say they observe their colleagues and superiors making errors. According to a study in 2005 conducted by The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses and VitalSmarts, over half of the 1,700 nurses, administrators, doctors and clinical-care staff surveyed observed behaviors in their colleagues that included breaking rules, making mistakes and failing to support others. Furthermore, more than 8 out of 10 doctors said they had seen colleagues taking dangerous shortcuts in patient care and 88 percent described colleagues as having poor clinical judgment.

Lung cancer scans may cause problems for patients

Massachusetts residents may be interested to learn that heavy smokers who are between the ages of 55 and 77 may have the cost of an annual spiral CT scan covered by Medicare. Many professionals believe that these screenings, which allow doctors to look for anomalies in the lungs, may possibly reduce lung cancer fatalities.

Poor electronic medical records linked to malpractice payouts

Electronic medical records are intended to improve care for Massachusetts patients and aid communication among healthcare providers. Digital record keeping, however, is not infallible, and medical malpractice cases that awarded plaintiffs millions of dollars were determined in part by confusion created by the electronic records.

Sources of burn injuries

When a Massachusetts resident becomes injured with a burn, they may potentially be at risk for suffering serious damage even if the burn does not appear to be serious. While many burns may look the same, the source of the burn determines the type of treatment that may be needed. There are four main types of burns: thermal, chemical, electrical and radiological burns.

Most burn injuries result from boiling liquids

According to an annual report released by the Massachusetts Fire Marshal in 2014, boiling liquids were the cause of nearly half of all burn injuries in the state in 2013. This is nothing new, as scalding liquids have been reported as the leading cause of all burns for the past 28 years in a row.

Types of wrongful death cases and potential compensation

Wrongful death is the death of an individual resulting from the negligent, wonton, willful or reckless actions of others. There are many types of situations in which Massachusetts families could file wrongful death lawsuits to seek compensation for the damages that the deaths of their loved ones have caused them. From work-related accidents and medical errors to traffic collisions and watercraft incidents, the victims could suffer fatal and catastrophic injuries because other people were reckless or negligent. Some wrongful death cases involve airplane crashes, drownings, electrocutions, gas explosions, and excessive exposure to chemicals or toxic substances.

Fibromyalgia may be easy to confuse with other conditions

Physicians in Massachusetts who have diagnosed patients with fibromyalgia may have needed to first rule out other conditions. Fibromyalgia is known for being difficult to diagnose because its symptoms are similar to other conditions, and people do not always present the same symptoms.

Burn victims face challenges on road to recovery

Massachusetts residents who suffer burns on their bodies have a full plate to deal with when it comes to recovery and recuperation. When a victim has difficulty adjusting to their new appearance and experiences anxiety, this is called body image distress.

The treatment of traumatic burn injuries

Many people in Massachusetts have experienced sunburn or other minor burns from an iron or kitchen utensil. These injuries are terribly painful, but they generally heal and are gone in a few days. A severe or traumatic burn caused by a chemical, explosion or fire can be extremely debilitating or deadly. Such burns are often the result of workplace accidents, vehicle accidents or defective equipment.

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