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Recognizing the delayed onset of a TBI

Several of the Norfolk County residents who come to us here at Giarrusso Norton Cooley and McGlone, P.C. seeking compensation for loved ones who have suffered traumatic brain injuries were surprised at how long it took those injuries to manifest themselves. If you have a family member that has suffered head trauma yet appears to be OK immediately following his or her accident, you may mistakenly believe that he or she dodged a bullet. However, the absence of any signs to symptoms of a TBI immediately after sustaining trauma does not mean that one is not lurking beneath the surface.

When the head sustains trauma, blood vessels within it may rupture, causing swelling or even the accumulation of blood outside of the vessel. The result of such an accident could be a concussion, or a much more serious condition known as a hematoma. Depending upon the severity of the trauma, such problems could go undetected by diagnostic studies for hours or even days after an accident. This presents an added danger given that by the time these issues are finally detected, damage may have occurred that could be beyond the point of responding to treatment.

Thus, it may be imperative that you be on the lookout for any symptoms of a severe to mild TBI in the days and weeks that follow your loved one’s accident. According to the website TraumaticBrainInjury.com, such signs may include:

  •          Sudden onset of seizures
  •          Unexplained fatigue
  •          Sensitivity to light
  •          Difficulty sleeping
  •          Mood swings and irritability
  •          Persistent headaches

If you begin to notice any of these delayed symptoms in your loved one, seek medical treatment immediately. Your swift action could be the difference between him or her recovering quickly or experiencing lifelong complications.

More information on recognizing TBI’s can be found on our site. 

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