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November 2015 Archives

Understanding post-concussion syndrome

We at Giarrusso Norton Cooley and McGlone, P.C. often hear from Quincy clients who have suffered head trauma in an accident that they were lucky to escape with just a concussion. If you count yourself among this group, then you may have been told by someone that a concussion is only a mild injury that rarely produces dangerous results. However, while concussions many not produce to same sort of immediate impairment often associated with severe traumatic brain injuries, their effects can linger over time and produce what is known as post-concussion syndrome.

How can cancer be misdiagnosed?

Those in Quincy who have been given the dreaded news that they have cancer will tell you that receiving such a diagnosis and dealing with the emotional stress that accompanies it can exact just as great a toll as the cancer itself. If you were given such a diagnosis, yet later found out it was incorrect, most would assume that your first impulse would be to jump for joy. Yet if you are like most who receive such news, then your thoughts are like focused on why a doctor would misdiagnose you with cancer in the first place.

Defining loss of consortium

When people die in Quincy, the impact of their death is often felt far beyond their mere absence. In many cases, one may have been looked to as a provider for a spouse and/or children. The potential compensation available through a wrongful death lawsuit (if negligence is believed to have contributed to one’s death) is meant to help lessen the impact of that loss. In the case of the deceased’s financial contribution to his or her dependents, that number may be easily quantifiable. However, how does one determine the costs of compensating for the emotional void a person leaves behind?

Explaining the idea of an attractive nuisance

Some of the saddest cases that we have dealt with here at Giarrusso Norton Cooley and McGlone, P.C. are accidents involving children. If your child has been seriously injured or killed on another’s property or while in another’s care, you may wonder what sort of legal recourse you have to help compensate for your family’s suffering. In cases involving accidents on other people’s property, many often assume that if your child did not have permission to be near the hazard that ultimately caused his or her injuries, then the property owner is not responsible. However, that is not always the case.

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