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April 2015 Archives

Manslaughter charges upheld in fatal Massachusetts accident

A 17-year-old Massachusetts student was killed in a Nov. 10, 2013, accident on Interstate 91. At the time of the accident, the student was driving his Jeep when he came across an accident involving a pickup truck that had spilled furniture on the road. The pickup truck was driven by a 32-year-old with the 43-year-old driver and three family members as passengers. The truck was loaded with furniture, and the tailgate was left down and open while driving.

Lung cancer scans may cause problems for patients

Massachusetts residents may be interested to learn that heavy smokers who are between the ages of 55 and 77 may have the cost of an annual spiral CT scan covered by Medicare. Many professionals believe that these screenings, which allow doctors to look for anomalies in the lungs, may possibly reduce lung cancer fatalities.

Poor electronic medical records linked to malpractice payouts

Electronic medical records are intended to improve care for Massachusetts patients and aid communication among healthcare providers. Digital record keeping, however, is not infallible, and medical malpractice cases that awarded plaintiffs millions of dollars were determined in part by confusion created by the electronic records.

Study explores correlation between medicine efficiency and labels

A study published in "The Journal of Patient Safety" in March 2015 involving IV bag labels may be of interest to patients in Massachusetts. The study looked at how often anesthesia trainees chose IV bags with hetastarch, a substance used to combat patient blood loss during surgery, from a cart with IV bags with hetastarch and lidocaine, a type of anesthetic. In the study, patients worked with IV bags with one of two types of labels. In the study, 60 percent of participants given IV bags with labels designed with the researchers chose the correct bags with hetastarch. The percentage was lower for trainees working with IV bags with labels commonly used in the healthcare industry.

Sources of burn injuries

When a Massachusetts resident becomes injured with a burn, they may potentially be at risk for suffering serious damage even if the burn does not appear to be serious. While many burns may look the same, the source of the burn determines the type of treatment that may be needed. There are four main types of burns: thermal, chemical, electrical and radiological burns.

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