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Boston Life-Altering Personal Injury Attorneys

Any injury takes a toll on an individual's life and finances. When the injury is catastrophic or fatal, the individual and his or her family are changed forever. The compensation for such an injury should reflect the long-term needs of the injured person, including both immediate and long-term medical care, a loss of income due to the person's inability to return to work, care for loved ones if that person is the head of the household, and pain and suffering associated with such a significant loss.

At Giarrusso Norton Cooley & McGlone, P.C., we are committed to helping injured individuals and their family members as they cope with the lasting effects of such a traumatic event. Contact our firm for the confident representation you need to recover maximum compensation for personal injury issues associated with:

Dealing With Insurance Companies While You Handle Your Day-To-Day Needs

Your primary concern after an injury should be recovery and returning to a sense of normalcy for yourself and your loved ones. Unfortunately, the battle with insurance companies can take focus away from what truly matters. Our attorneys are able to overcome the legal issues you face, holding insurance companies accountable for policy terms and the amount of compensation you deserve.

We can help you obtain independent medical opinions, provide thorough assessments of your long-term care needs and appropriately value your claim so that settlements can be fairly negotiated. As Boston trial lawyers, we are prepared to take matters into the courtroom and aggressively pursue the compensation you deserve to the fullest extent of the law, and we do it all on a contingency fee basis.

Contact Our Worcester Paralysis Accident Attorneys

Reach our office in Quincy, Massachusetts, online or by telephone at 617-770-2900 to schedule a free initial consultation. Our experienced counsel can help you obtain exceptional results when it matters most.

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