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Massachusetts Environmental Property Damage Lawyer

When individuals or a business entities purchase property, the expectation is that all contaminantion and potential damage to that property be fully disclosed before the sale is final. Unfortunately, many property owners find themselves struggling with pollution or toxic damage to their property only after they have fully invested in it.

At Giarrusso Norton Cooley & McGlone, P.C., our Massachusetts land damage attorneys help clients ranging from large corporations to homeowners in environmental litigation matters that have affected their financial interests and the value of their property.

Contact our firm to hold appropriate parties accountable for damages associated with:

  • Regulatory issues with State and Federal agencies
  • Contaminated groundwater or soil
  • Indoor air issues or "sick building" cases caused by toxic fumes
  • Waste management issues
  • Improper disposal of hazardous materials
  • Undisclosed land and property damage prior to purchase of property
  • Contaminated drinking water

When you purchase land and property, you should not have to take financial responsibility for environmental contaminants left behind by the prior owner. This kind of damage drastically decreases the value of your property, creates liability to State and/or Federal environmental regulators, and can make it impossible to make headway in the development of your own business interests.

Our trial lawyers are committed to protecting the environment and our clients' financial interests in these complex legal disputes. Our thorough knowledge of governmental regulations as well as experience developing effective strategies has helped us obtain notable results in a wide range of cases.

Contact Our Boston Environmental Property Damages Attorneys Serving All Of New England

At Giarrusso Norton Cooley & McGlone, P.C., we work closely with our clients to quickly narrow and clarify the issue, identify the appropriate solutions and implement the strategy.

Reach our office in Quincy, Massachusetts, online or by telephone at 617-770-2900.

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